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On Site at Dog Shows – Devoted to the Needs of the Dog Breeder & Handler

Breeder's Veterinary Services (BVS) brings high technology to the special needs of the show dog. Services include digital radiology for OFA hip, elbow and shoulder clearances. We do not use anesthesia or sedation, it takes only a few minutes and the owner or handler may be present for the entire procedure. The quality of digital imaging is unsurpassed. The images are sent electronically to OFA the same day they are taken so clearances are received earlier.

You may wish to have your dog certified in other countries in addition to or in place of the US. We can have images evaluated by services that certify in other countries as well. For example: FCI (Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands), SV (Germany), BVA ( UK ) CHEDS(Australia). Click on service to open web pages from any listed country. Requisition forms must be downloaded from certifying agency website ( OFA, Penn Hip, FCI, BVA, CHEDS, SV),  completed, and provided to BVS for any countries requested.

Most clearances required of show and breeding animals can be performed at dog shows. There is no need to schedule additional appointments with your veterinarian for most of these procedures. OFA cardiac (auscultation only), Thyroid testing, Patellar luxation, DNA testing, as well as any requested blood testing can be easily performed right at the dog show.


• Mobile radiology facility at all dog shows
• Artificial Insemination: Surgical and trans-cervical inseminations at our hospital in Sonoma County, CA.
• Reproductive examination and consultation
• Infertility diagnostics and treatment
• Frozen Semen Insurance

• Semen freezing
• Semen storage at our AKC approved facility
• Fresh chilled semen collection and shipping (Interstate and International)
• OFA cardio and patella clearances
• OFA digital hip, elbow, shoulder clearances, Penn Hip x-rays
• No anesthesia or sedation for x-rays
• OFA thyroid testing
• DNA parentage/fingerprinting kits available
• On site laboratory capabilities
• See online schedule for upcoming show dates

604 Elsa Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95407   Fax: 707 583 7863