Please use the links on the right to download all appropriate forms for any animal you intend to submit to the OFA or Penn Hip.

Complete them and bring them with you to your appointment. Have them with you even if you are unsure whether they will be submitted or not. If you intend to use a credit card, please have that information at the bottom of all OFA forms at the time you present them to us. We will have blank forms available at all dog shows in case you forget them. Please plan to arrive early to fill them out. Give yourself adequate time to gather all necessary information as we may not be able to reschedule your time if paperwork is not complete at your scheduled time. You will need AKC registration number (or foreign registry number), registered name, and registration numbers for sire and dam.


To request an appointment, please send an email to us at

In the subject line of the email, please state: Your name and the words "appointment request".


If you are unsure of which tests are needed you may CLICK HERE to find  recommendations made by your breed's parent club. This link will show all tests required for CHIC certification. The more tests you run at the same time, the lower the price will be for each test. 

You may then add any additional questions you have. But please enter these items first. Include a desired time. You may also just state "morning" or "afternoon". Please do not wait for your judging program to make this appointment. You will have an opportunity to change the time after the judging program is printed if there is a conflict. It is easier to change an appointment time than it is to find time in an already full schedule.

Once you have submitted your application request, you will be contacted within five business days with your appointment time. Again, please do not wait for the judging program to submit your appointment request. These time slots begin filling up as early as one month before a show. When you receive a judging program, if there is a time conflict please let us know asap so we can try to accommodate your needs.

Appointment dates and approximate times will be scheduled as soon as email is received. Submitting this email at least 14 DAYS in advance of show date will assure an available time slot and help minimize waiting times. DO NOT SUBMIT OFA APPLICATION. Bring that with you to your appointment.

Microchips will be available if you require them. X-ray appointments are allotted 15 minutes each. If additional time is needed, 15-minute consultations can be scheduled after your x-ray appointment.

Semen freezing appointments are done only at our Santa Rosa CA office, not at show grounds.  Please fill out the Semen Freezing Contract and bring this with you to your appointment. This form need not be submitted in advance. If a credit card will be used and the person who's name appears on the card will not be present, the Credit Card Authorization Form must be signed by the person who's name is on the card.

Email for any pricing information you may need and do not see posted on our Web site.

Thank you.

PennHIP X-ray Application
PennHIP Anesthetic Release
OFA Hip/Elbow
OFA Cardiac
OFA Shoulder
OFA Patella
OFA Legg Perthes
OFA Spine
OFA Trachea
OFA Thyroid

OFA Dentition

Anesthetic release form

Credit Card Authorization
Semen Freezing Contract
Semen Transfer
USDA Health Certificate
Examination form (Used for Penn Hip and Health Exam)