Breeder's Veterinary Services (BVS), owned and operated by Dr. Randall Popkin, provides mobile veterinary services for show dog breeders all over the western United States.

Hips Only: $149

Elbows only: $225

Hips/Elbows: $315

Hips/Elbows/Shoulders: $460

OFA Spine: $225 ($166 if combined with other images)

OFA Trachea: $149 ( $76 if combined with other images)

Image Transfer:$18 includes flash drive at time of appointment

                          $20 of done by email after your appointment

A 10% multiple dog discount will be applied to all services provided to at least 3 dogs at the same time and billed together on a single invoice.

(OFA fees additional.: For a complete list of OFA fees and discounts offered, click on the following:

Evaluation of images taken elsewhere: $29 per case

Penn Hip (includes anesthesia and Penn Hip evaluation fee): $489

X-ray appointments are fifteen (15) minutes long, additional time required for any reason will be assessed an examination fee of $55.

OFA cardiac (auscultation): $52 ($48 if combined with x-ray on same dog)
OFA patella: $52 ($48 if combined with x-ray on same dog)

OFA Dental: $52 ($48 if combined with x-ray on same dog)

OFA thyroid: $142 ($130 if combined with xray on same dog)
Complete blood count and chemistry profile, Health screen-$159

Semen freezing: $275
Semen storage: $99/yr up to 30 straws 1st dog; $1/per straw after 30

Brucellosis test: $75

Vaginal culture and sensitivity: $147

Transcervical artificial insemination (Fresh and chilled semen): $225
Semen evaluation: $90( included with semen freezing)

Leptospirosis titre: $120
Microchip: $38

AI kit (2 sleeve,2 tubes,1 syringe,1 insemination pipette): $12

Fresh chilled kit (shipping box, extender, 1 AI kit): $75

Sedation: $36

Routine examination: $79

Health Certificate $25 (in addition to examination fee)

Email for availability and prices for additional laboratory tests.