Breeder's Veterinary Services (BVS) is owned and operated by Dr. Randall Popkin. Dog breeders and handlers have been coming to his practice in Santa Rosa, California from all over the western US since 1984.

He has been working almost exclusively with show dogs providing breeder specific services since 1987. These include infertility evaluation and treatment, collection/storage/shipment of as well as surgical /transcervical insemination of chilled and frozen semen. He networks with veterinarians specializing in reproduction throughout the world. Dr Popkin attends yearly veterinary conferences for the American College of Theriogenologists (ACT).

Dr. Popkin has been performing and evaluating radiographs for the purpose of OFA hip, elbow, shoulder certification since 1981 and has taken these radiographs without the use of anesthesia on several thousands of patients. He is able to accurately estimate OFA ratings at the time of the initial visit. He's been certified to take Penn Hip x-rays since 1993.

At his practice in Santa Rosa, he has become proficient at the many surgical procedures performed on show dogs including ear cropping of all breeds, and a large variety of cosmetic repairs. Having worked with show dogs for most of his career, he is familiar with many of the genetic problems associated with each breed.

Dr. Randall Popkin

604 Elsa Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95407  Fax: 707 583 7863